Frequently Asked Technical Questions

If you have a tape machine or console listed below that you want to sell, have questions about, and/or need parts for, please fill out and submit a worksheet. These worksheets help us determine just exactly what you do or don't have, and saves us huge amounts of time.

MCI JH-16 and JH-24 Series General Information

Operating Level Cross Reference Chart

MCI JH-400 Series General Information

Sony MXP-3000 Mic/Line and EQ Options

MCI JH-600 Tuchel Connector in PDF format

MCI JH-16 Series Worksheet

MCI JH-24 Series Worksheet

MCI JH-110 Series Worksheet

MCI JH-400 Series Worksheet

MCI JH-500 Series Worksheet

MCI JH-600 Series Worksheet

Click the link below for EXAMPLES of gear we usually carry. These photos are included for technical purposes only. Please see Specials, Tape Machines, Consoles, Outboard, and the Master Gear List for currently in-stock equipment. PLEASE don't contact us about buying any of this gear, unless you also find it included on one of these lists. If you're interested in buying a piece of equipment not currently in-stock, please submit the Equipment You Want form.